Woodland Residents, Inc.

                     A resident owned community for those 55 and over

Located at 850 West Middle Avenue in Morgan Hill, California 95037

Woodland Estates Visitor Requirements

     When visiting Woodland Estates you are on private property owned by Woodland Residents, Inc. and are expected to follow the rules and regulations established under the corporate WRI Bylaws and WRI Rules & Regulations. Listed below are some of the more general of these requirements:

  1. There is a 10 mph speed limit throughout the park.
  2. Pets need to be kept on leashes when being walked in the Park.
  3. Extended guest stays are limited to 20 days in length and must be approved by the office.
  4. Guest may only use the facilities or engage in Park activities when accompanied physically by a resident.
  5. No bike riding or skate board riding is allowed on sidewalks and walk ways
  6. Guest visiting overnight must obtain a parking permit from the office.
  7. Cars cannot be parked or left in front of houses over night.
  8. Contractors must obtain parking permits at the office when working in the park.
  9. There is no solicitation allowed in the Park at all.
  10. Visitors looking for property in the park must be accompanied by a licensed Real Estate Agent, and be signed in at the office before touring Woodland Estates.

Any questions about these general rules and regulations can be answered by the Park Manager's Office.

Located at 850 West Middle Avenue in Morgan Hill, California 95037
Corporate Office phone: 1-408-779-8991
Corporate e-mail at: manager@woodland-estates.co